BigFoot Shower Curtain Liner – 72 x 72 PEVA Shower Liner with Rustproof Heavy Duty Metal Grommet and 3 Magnetic Weights – Non-Toxic, Odor Free and Compatible with Standard Showers, Frosted

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  • KEEP WATER CONTAINED and protect your pricey decorative shower curtain from dirt and discoloration. The BigFoot Shower Liner acts as a moisture barrier so floors stay dry and water remains inside the bathroom shower.
  • WATERPROOF polyethylene vinyl acetate is impermeable to liquids. Your shower water collects in droplets and runs down the BigFoot Shower Curtain Liner. Shampoo and soap residues never reach your cloth shower curtain.
  • DURABLY CONSTRUCTED with 12 rustproof metal grommets, our heavy-duty shower liner resists tears and punctures. Along the bottom edge 3 magnetic weights keep it inside of the shower and away from your body.
  • 72” X 72” SIZE provides 6 feet of top-to-bottom and side-to-side coverage of your shower unit. Use it with a decorative bathroom shower curtain or all by itself as a clear shower curtain that lets in an abundance of light while you bathe.
  • ODORLESS, NON-TOXIC BigFoot Shower Curtain Liners contain no harmful PVC, chlorine or phthalates. Free of noxious smells and harsh chemicals, our shower liner belongs at the top of your bathroom accessories shopping list.

Keep water in its place

Run-away moisture can take a toll on you and on your shower accessories. It can make your bathroom floor a slip-and-fall hazard and cause discoloration of decorative cloth shower curtains. The BigFoot Shower Curtain Liner creates a protective barrier by collecting it inside of the bathtub where it runs down the liner and is dispelled down the drain. With your floor bone-dry and your decorative curtain stain-free, your bathroom remains safe and in guest-ready condition at all times.


The clear choice

Our transparent shower liner is pre-punched with hanging holes that boast non-corrosive metal grommets for enhanced strength and tear resistance. These metal grommets are compatible with most standard shower curtain rings which you supply. To ensure that your BigFoot Liner stays in the shower and away from your bare skin as you bathe, it is outfitted with 3 weighty magnets along its bottom border. These hold the liner to the tub wall for even greater water-containing performance.


Shower time just became healthier

Unlike environmentally-damaging PVC that is laden with chlorine-based chemicals, the BigFoot PEVA Shower Curtain Liner is non-toxic and safe for your family and the planet. It contains none of the phthalates or volatile organic compounds that link PVC to health issues. A wise investment for your apartment essentials for first apartment set-ups, it promotes a hygienic bathroom and lets your bathroom decor take center-stage.


Preserve the quality and appearance of your shower curtain. Add the BigFoot Shower Curtain Liner to your home and apartment necessities today.

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15.3 ounces

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10.47 x 8.62 x 0.98 inches