Cook! Silicone Spatula Set, Heat Resistant Dishwasher Safe, Steel Reinforced Handle, Scrape Bowls, Stir Pots, Decorate Cakes, 3 Piece Set, Black

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  • MIX INGREDIENTS and maximize batter use with this indispensable rubber spatula set for baking by COOK! Strong and versatile, it helps you fold together ingredients and move mixtures from bowls to baking dishes with ease and efficiency.


  • STEEL REINFORCED HANDLE of our kitchen spatula helps cut into heavy bread dough and dense cake batters without bending or breaking. The COOK! 3 Piece Baking Spatula Set is the most versatile of cooking tools as it can be used from start to finish to stir, blend and scrape recipes.


  • HIGH HEAT RESISTANCE to 600 F degrees allows you to stir extremely hot candy mixtures or remove food from frying pans without melting. Silicone kitchen utensils like the COOK! 3 Piece Silicone Baking Spatula Set will not warp, bend or become nicked. They are also odor- and stain-resistant.


  • SEAMLESS ONE PIECE DESIGN enhances the strength of COOK! Small Spatulas for nonstick cookware. This prevents tiny food particles from lingering in recesses. It also makes it the easiest of your kitchen tools & gadgets to clean, giving you peace of mind with each use.


  • FOOD-GRADE COMPOSITION is BPA-free for the well-being of you and your loves ones. Silicone cooking utensils will not leach petroleum-based substances into foods. Our rubber spatula for baking is also non-scratch and gentle on glass, plastic and ceramic bakeware.



    Savor every last morsel With a COOK! 3 Piece Silicone Spatula Set among your cooking and baking accessories, you can prepare tantalizing homemade recipes that are consistently smooth and flavorful. Comprises of 1 X Spoonula, 1 X Large Scrapper and 1 X Mini Scrapper.

    With a steel core reinforcement in the handle, it is the sturdiest of baking utensils for mixing, blending, folding and transferring ingredients, doughs and mixes. Boasting a long blade that is curved on 1 side and has a point on the other, it moves mixtures thoroughly in bowls, muffin tins, cake pans and casserole dishes.

    Durable and resilient

    Our food-safe spatula for baking and cooking is BPA-free and has high temperature resistance of up to 600 F degrees to suit all of your meal preparation tasks. Use the COOK! Spatula to stir gravies and sauces, move stir-fry vegetables in your wok and loosen the edges of oven-fresh cakes. Whatever is on the day's menu, this silicone tool is a must-have addition to your silicone spatula set and kitchen gadgets for cooking and baking.

    Seamless design, simple care

    Contributing to its long-lasting durability is the 1-piece construction of the COOK! Spatula. With no hiding places for food particles, this stain- and odor-resistant silicone rubber spatula retains its pristine appearance when added to your dishwasher. An integrated hanging eyelet makes storage a breeze. Gentle and harmless to non-stick coatings, it is compatible with all your favorite cookie sheets, skillets, loaf pans, saucepans, and other cookware.

    Make all your cooking endeavors easier and more efficient. Add the COOK! Silicone Spatula for baking to your kitchen accessories today.


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